Highly mechanized rig used on an automation project

Over the past two years, the World Wide Drilling (WWD) team has embarked on a number of strategic initiatives intended to make significant improvements to the performance and effectiveness of drilling technology deployment and long-term sustainability of our technical disciplines.

The WWD team will continue to use the “delivery culture” of accountability, technology deployment, innovation, cost focus and performance management in achieving Apache’s corporate objectives.

The vision of WWD is that collectively the team has the ability and capacity to undertake and deliver any New Ventures project across Apache’s global footprint. Our highly skilled people deliver effective and efficient technology through cross- functional competence and excellence.

The objective of the WWD Team is to provide regions with technology support to deliver its objective targets and to meet the longer-term strategic aspirations. The WWD team is also responsible for delivering and supporting the right technologies (e.g. under-balanced drilling, casing drilling, turbine technology, drilling automation, etc.) and capabilities to unlock opportunities globally.  We recently supported the successful execution of the longest horizontal well in an unconventional shale gas play in Argentina. The WWD team strategy is:

  • To build and maintain a project execution capability through integration with regional staff and to realize project delivery performance.
  • To deliver technology development and deployment program against a focused technology strategy, supporting regional-aspired portfolio.
  • To govern and assure global technical discipline capability through pragmatic deployment of recommended practices guidelines, knowledge sharing networks, as well as to generate new capacity and increase competence of the technical skills pools.
  • To develop a comprehensive graduate and internship training program to meet the future drilling skills required to deliver on Apache’s growth aspirations. 

To achieve and sustain top performance, the WWD team has developed initiatives to transform into a true learning organization through a framework that is simple, easy to use and has global accessibility. Our vision is to ensure that all technical staff develop a continuous learning mindset and apply excellence in their everyday work.

The main goal of the knowledge management strategy is to harmonize learning processes and systems allowing all staff to learn, share and replicate field proven successful practices and prevent the repetition of bad practices.

Apache also encourages participation in industry conferences, such as those sponsored by Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the International Association of Drilling Engineers (IADC), and American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE), etc. 

Through these industry associations, we have an avenue to share experiences, learn from others and provide direction on technology developments, competency developments and performance standards.  We also annually organize internal technical forums where staff has an opportunity to present their technical contribution to their peers and management.