Minimizing Emissions

Apache works hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing the efficiency of our operations, reducing venting and flaring of gas, and eliminating equipment leaks.

We collaborate with others in the industry to develop better approaches to leak detection and emission reduction. We use a range of methods to minimize methane leaks, such as careful design and engineering of new facilities and preventive maintenance programs. We adhere to applicable design standards, follow recognized best engineering practices, and use equipment specifically designed to perform in severe service conditions in which the materials produced are high temperature, abrasive or corrosive.

In our operations, we seek to minimize flaring and direct venting of natural gas wherever practicable. We conduct reduced-emission completions on all our hydraulically fractured wells, a process that captures gas produced during well completions and workovers so it can be processed for sale rather than flared. We are also implementing a range of new technologies and processes to further reduce emissions, such as installing automated choke systems to decrease production or shut-in wells to reduce flaring and using natural gas and electricity to power our onshore and offshore operations wherever possible. Learn more about our approach to protecting air quality.