William C. Montgomery

WILLIAM C. MONTGOMERY, 58, joined the Company’s Board of Directors in September 2011. He chairs the Management Development and Compensation Committee.

From October 2002 to April 2011, Mr. Montgomery was a partner in the investment banking division of Goldman, Sachs & Co., where he headed the firm’s Americas Natural Resources Group as well as its Houston office and was a member of the Investment Banking Services Leadership Group. Over the span of 22 years as an investment banker, Mr. Montgomery focused globally on large-cap energy companies, primarily in the upstream, integrated, and oil service sectors.

Since July 2011, Mr. Montgomery has served as a partner of Quantum Energy Partners, a private equity firm that focuses on investments in the energy and power industries. He is a member of Quantum Energy’s executive and investment committees. In October 2015, Mr. Montgomery was elected a director of Enterprise Products Holdings LLC, the general partner of Enterprise Products Partners L.P., where he is the chair of its audit committee and serves on its conflicts committee.

Mr. Montgomery has been an active civic leader, chairing the boards of the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the St. Francis Episcopal Day School. He currently serves on the board of trustees of the Episcopal Health Foundation and the Board of Visitors of the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Mr. Montgomery has spent almost his entire career working in the finance industry focusing on large-cap energy companies. Formerly as an investment banker and now in private equity, Mr. Montgomery has gained significant experience with the energy industry and energy-related capital markets. The company also benefits from the extensive relationships that Mr. Montgomery has formed throughout his career serving various global energy companies. Mr. Montgomery’s contributions to the Board are aided by the knowledge and experience he gained from his current and former roles, which have involved broad and deep exposure to key issues impacting the upstream, midstream, and oil services sectors.